Was 4% Of Google’s Index Was Removed With The Indexing Bug?

  •   June 29, 2020

I asked Google but I didn’t hear back, so I then asked some of the tool providers – what percentage of the index was removed, dropped or de-indexed as of result of the issue from Thursday/Friday? Dr. Pete Meyers said he is researching it but he is seeing about a 4% change.

Now – keep in mind, Moz and other tool providers generally just see a small piece of Google’s whole index. I don’t know what that percentage is – but it is large enough to have an accurate sample size for analyzing such data? I am not sure – but I think Pete Meyers will be posted more details at Moz when he has it.

Here is what Pete said on Twitter:

The issue is pretty much fixed, as we have been keeping you posted on. Here is the latest from Google:

I’d love to get reports from more tool providers – actually, I’d love for Google to tell us what the true impact was for that time frame and who pressed the wrong button at Google. But I doubt we would be getting more details from Google on this issue.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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