Wall Street Journal Is Wrong & Why I Think The Google Story Should Be Retracted

  •   November 18, 2019


This morning at Search Engine Land the team and I published a response to the Wall Street Journal’s story on Google Search. You can read my story named Misquoted and misunderstood: Why we, the search community, don’t believe the WSJ about Google search.

I am not going to repeat everything written in my story or the WSJ story. I tried my best to go through point-by-point and explain how Google Search really works in that story. The WSJ really did a horrible and sad job bringing up conspiracy theories without any evidence. The worst part, they quoted a bunch of folks who have said they were either misquoted or misunderstood – or both.

Let me now just go through the reaction to the story I published on Search Engine Land – so you can see the difference of opinions. But again, first go read my story at Search Engine Land please so this makes sense.



Anyway – I think it is important for you all to read what the WSJ published and the response and make up your own mind.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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