Vlog #2: Lily Ray of Path Interactive How To Fix Your Site After A Google Core Update

  •   December 22, 2019

In our second ever vlog series at the Search Engine Roundtable I interviewed Lily Ray (@lilyraynyc) of Path Interactive. Lily Ray is the SEO Director at Path Interactive, a leading search marketing agency in New York City. Lily leads a team of over 10 SEOs and overseas dozens of diverse projects for her company.

In this episode I ask Lily about her history in SEO, what she does at Path Interactive and then I have a discussion about how her team goes about helping clients that come to them after they were hit by a Google algorithm update, such as the new June 2019 core update. We discuss strategies for helping a site build trust through authors and the company’s internal staff. We also discuss towards the end the balance Google has to have when sharing information with the community and why sometimes it leads to why SEOs simply cannot have nice things.

Here is the video:

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