Vimeo bulks up its stock video inventory, giving video marketers access to more footage

  •   April 9, 2020

Vimeo has added 1,000 video clips to its Stock inventory, expanding the number of available videos paid members can use. The newly added footage is worth more than $60,000 of stock video clips, according to the company.

Why you should care

Vimeo’s Stock video library offers marketers without access to big video budgets the ability to produce high quality marketing videos at a portion of the cost it takes to create original video.

“Weird glitchy transitions? Check. CGI sci-fi landscapes? Yes. Anonymous crowds of commuters slogging through the streets? Yup. Moody establishing shots of New York City? Sure. Blissful aerials gliding above lush green forests or sprawling across Los Angeles? But of course,” writes Vimeo’s director of creative programs and events Derrick Rhodes, describing the types of video clips available in Vimeo’s stock inventory.

The video platform has grown its stock library to include more than a million clips since making the stock footage available last September. Vimeo memberships run $84 to $900 annually, with four different plans: Plus, Pro, Business and Premium.

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