Time For Google To Update Your Favicon In Search?

  •   September 25, 2019

I’ve been covering the favicon change in the search results almost every day since it launched but a new question SEOs want to know is how long would it take Google to update the favicon they display in the mobile search results for your site after you change it. For the most part it seems like most SEOs said it takes around 24 hours, sometimes less.

The guidelines specifically say “Google will look for and update your favicon whenever it crawls your home page. If you make changes to your favicon and want to inform Google about the changes, you can request indexing of your site’s homepage. Updates can take a few days or longer to appear in search results.”

But some are saying it has been over 24 hours and still not favicon change.

Of course, Google needs to crawl and process the new favicon and that, for some sites, can take time. But savvy SEOs make sure to use Google Search Console to push Google to recrawl sooner. And even after that, sometimes the icon is not updated within a day.

Here are some tweets from the community on how long it is or has taken:

So overall, for the most part, it seems pretty quick. It seems most sites are updated within 24 hours.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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