Survey Says: The Best SEO At Google Is John Mueller

  •   November 29, 2019

It is the Friday after Thanksgiving, so let’s have some fun. I ran a very scientific, statistically accurate, and unequivocally clear survey on Twitter (sarcasm) asking which Googler would win an SEO contest. The winner of the poll was John Mueller! Clap, clap, clap!

The poll got about 1,300 responses – yes, 1,300 people spent the time responding to this very important (sarcasm) poll on Twitter.

Here was the award ceremony, where the players took their positions on the winners podium:

click for full size

Here are the final results:

Martin Splitt was a supportive person, even though he didn’t make it on the winners stand.

Congrats to everyone, because really – everyone is a winner!

Why did I make this poll, it was an offshoot of a story I wrote named Google: We Thought About Engineers Competing To Rank Web Sites In Search But…

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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