Some YouTubers Angry That Google Search Shows Videos From Non-YouTube Sources

  •   December 28, 2019


Often you see people complaining that Google is favoring their own properties over third-party properties. Like showing Google My Business Listings over Yelp or Google Job listings over results from Indeed or showing YouTube videos over videos from other providers. But here, we have a YouTuber upset with Google that Google is showing videos from third-parties and not YouTube.

Danny Sullivan from Google is defending the fact that Google shows videos from non-YouTube sources. He said “Google Search is meant to show content from across the web. If YouTube videos are relevant, we do show them along with other videos. But YouTube isn’t given any advantage over other videos sources. People who just want YouTube can (and do) search on YouTube directly.”

Then there is some interesting back and forth:

This is the exact opposite of what most people want to see from Google. They want Google to be fair to other non Google owned properties and share the wealth of the referral traffic.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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