Some Businesses With Temporarily Closed Status On Google My Business Cannot Change It

  •   May 12, 2022

At the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, the Google My Business team added a new option for temporarily closed. But it seems like some businesses are not currently or temporarily closed and cannot change the status to open in Google.

The interesting thing is that Danny Sullivan of Google said this is not a widespread issue. He said “I’ve checked, and we don’t see that this is a widespread issues. Businesses should be able to mark they’re open, and that should stay. I passed this example on. If there are others, people can reply here or post in the forum, and I’ll pass those on.”

Here are those tweets:

The local SEO community seems to think this is a pretty widespread issue:

I scanned through the Google My Business forums and didn’t find a ton of complaints, but I did find four larger threads with these complaints since March. So it does seem to be an issue, and some are really unable to mark themselves as being open despite trying. Here are those threads; one, two, three and fur but I suspect there are many more.

Is this a real issue or not?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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