September 2019 Google Webmaster Report

  •   May 20, 2020

This month we had two unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm updates, one around August 17th and the other around August 29th. Google began penalizing domain leasing portions of sites, and also slammed a popular SEO with a link penalty.

The evergreen GoogleBot is now running supports Google’s tools finally. Google also explained a lot more about two waves of indexing despite having two more indexing issues including a post about what happened.

On the EAT side, Google said they do try to recognize these types of details on the site and content, including if a doctor reviewed the content or not.

Anyway, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is currently very chill coming off a long three-day Labor Day weekend. But you can also read the August report if you missed it.

Here are the more important stories for the past month or so:

Google Algorithms & Updates:

Google Penalties:

Google SEO:

Google Search Console:

Google User Interface & Features:

Google Local & Maps:

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