Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Medic Update, Local Ranking Update, Google Search Console Data, Google Signals, Bing Search & More

  •   August 10, 2018
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This week we uncovered a lot of interesting things about the confirmed Google core broad search update from August 1st. First, we noticed it had a huge impact on the health, medical and fitness space – virtually everyone agrees with that – so we named it the Google Medic Update. That is not to say it didn’t significantly impact other verticals, it did. The update finished up this Wednesday but we saw more fluctuations after this core update was done. Some said there was also a local search Google Maps update. Google Search Console made a huge change the Index Coverage report between July 14th and August 1st, named it a Google Search Update, when it was just a reporting change and everyone is super confused because of the name and the data issues. Google’s Danny Sullivan tackled the nofollow vs follow link debate, which was fun for me. Google said they do not have meta directives to tell them a part of a page moved. I implemented Speakable markup on the Search Engine Roundtable, go ahead, ask your Google Home “Okay Google, tell me the news about the Google algorithm update.” Google’s mobile first indexing notifications are often delayed. Google Search Console fix requests can sometime take a few months. Google doesn’t stop crawling URLs you put into the URL removal tool. Google has a way to submit a reconsideration request for Google Event markup penalties. The Google Cache date is based on the last time Google indexed the page, not crawled the page. Google Ads Report Editor has a way to plot comparisons on charts now. Google My Business menu and service editing is now global. Google Analytics launched Google Signals for better cross device tracking. Bing improved their hotel search results, home repair search results and deal search results. And this is your chance to get involved in the Google Monopoly game. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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