Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Drops Bing Discover, Google Plays A Joke On Joke Sites, Mega Menus, Google Ads, Vlogs & More

  •   January 3, 2020

First off, I tried to get fancy by using two cameras but the issue is, after doing the first cut in and out, it was just taking way too much time and I stopped after that. I am sorry, Friday mornings are just too busy and I need to get this weekly video recap out fast, the vlogs have more editing as you can see. This week, Google seems to have dropped the Bing Discover page portal from its index, I think. Google Search now shows Google Assistant jokes when you ask for a joke on mobile – sorry joke sites. Google Search Console is posting old notices about being switched to the mobile first index early. Google is asking if you think mega menus are a good thing, is something going to happen? Google said they do really use the URL parameter tool in search. Most SEOs feel that UX does matter for SEO and rankings in Google. Google said new or old domains do not specifically help you in SEO. Google is testing a “some popular queries” for queries that make no sense. Google is showing more related searches boxes in image search. Google News launches a new desktop search layout with cards. Google autocomplete now lightens the search results as you type. Google Knowledge panel has an interesting finds section. Google Ads is testing ads in the people also view carousel. Google Maps has bugs with business reviews dropping out and suspensions, I doubt it is related to the short names feature. Google launched a new video series for webmasters. I posted the second vlog and I have a lot more coming. Google search now lets you play tennis while searching, this is no joke. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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