Release Notes: Marketo adds collaboration features for email, makes AccountAI tool available to all users

  •   January 14, 2021

Marketo’s product updates for the second quarter of 2019 include enhancements to its core platform along with the general availability of AccountAI. The company also outlined a number of updates to its Marketo Sky, Sales Engage and Bizible platforms that began rolling out during the first quarter of the year and will continue to be released through the beginning of the second quarter.

Core platform updates were released on March 15. All updates to other products will be rolled in the beginning of the second-quarter.

More collaborative email features. The company’s Email Deliverability Powerpack includes more collaborative features, making it possible for users to flag and comment on specific email test results, share results with other team members via a URL, and track changes to an email so that all team members can view the edit history.

Branded tracking links. Users who have purchased Marketo’s “Secure Domains for Tracking Links” feature will be able to display branded tracking links within emails as HTTPS. The HTTPS will add an extra layer of security for the tracking links used to measure engagement within emails.

New communication limits. Admins now have more control around communication protocols, with the ability to set custom daily or weekly communication limits.

Updates to the Smart Campaign Asset API. Marketo’s Smart Campaign Asset API also has been updated, making it possible for users to retrieve records by date and ID.

AccountAI available to all users. AccountAI, Marketo’s account based marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help users with ABM prospecting strategy, is now generally available to all.

Marketo Sky updates. Marketo Sky, which first launched in beta a year ago, has received a number of new updates that began rolling out during the first quarter, including full email program functionality and smart campaign functionality (with a new user interface). Users also have the ability to apply bulk actions to their assets via the Design Studio lists views, which includes their templates, images, forms, snippets, files, emails and landing pages.

The latest update to Marketo Sky also included a few “fixes”: The default program’s analytics behavior has been fixed so that users can now change drop-down values. (According to the update, default programs previously showed an error when users typed in a filter drop-down.) Another error that has been fixed within the Design Studio: clicking on emails will no longer prompt a system error. Instead, users will see a “Coming Soon” screen.

More auditing abilities for Marketo Sales Engage. Marketo’s Sales Engage platform has added visibility around people, email and content, and the ability for an existing campaign to be closed by a user other than the person who created the campaign. There is also a new “Unsubscribe” feature that allows users to block email domains they do not want to contact. These updates were released in the first quarter of 2019, and will continue to roll out during the beginning of the second quarter.

New segmentation and multi-currency support in Bizible. Bizible, which was acquired by Marketo last May, has new dashboard segmentation capabilities and multi-currency support. The platform will automatically convert currency standards between corporate currency and any local currency. It can also measure the spend and ROI of offline marketing activities by pulling cost data from the CRM campaign object. Along with the Marketo Sky and Sales Engage updates, these new features were released in the first quarter of 2019, and will continue to roll out during the beginning of the second quarter.

Why you should care. Marketo’s various products offer a wide breadth of features for marketers, but it’s difficult to stay on top of all the latest functionality enhancements. Marketo’s quarterly release notes provide insight on specific feature updates to the company’s core platform, along with overall improvements to Marketo’s solution-oriented platforms — making it easier for marketers to take full advantage of their edition of Marketo.

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