Performance degradation affecting Salesforce clients

  •   July 9, 2020

The Salesforce Technology team is currently investigating an issue affecting multiple Salesforce client instances.

Why we should care

According to the Salesforce Status site, some customers are unable to read or write files and attachments in their Salesforce environments. Files that were created after the incident began and before the fix is applied will be unavailable to users until the Technology team is able to complete the resynchronization process for production hosts.

The issue has rendered clients unable to upload and share business-critical documentation, which could slow down processes across impacted organizations.

More on the news

  • Eight Salesforce data centers were affected by the performance degradation.
  • As of Friday afternoon, five of the data centers had the manual fix applied. The remaining three were still undergoing updates to make files available to users again.
  • Impacted users should refer to the site for updates from Salesforce.

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