New Research! The State of PPC

  •   June 22, 2022

The average consumer journey is more complex than ever. Between search, social, programmatic, video, display, content, email, PR, podcasts, and everything else in between, users are interacting with your brand in a multitude of ways. This also means that while search is still a powerhouse in its own right, the winning combination is when you understand how all your channels work together and optimize one channel with another channel’s growth in mind.

In our new annual report on the paid media industry, The State of PPC, we dive deep to see how budgets are being invested, what ad formats are effective, what trends are influential in the industry, and what marketers are worrying about. You’ll also find more details on what brands and agencies are trying and using with CRO and Machine Learning, as well as what agencies are pitching to their clients.

Over the course of several months, we ran three different surveys that collected responses from over 900 marketing professionals that are reflected in the report. The surveys covered PPC, Paid Social, and Machine Learning.

Not only will you find trends and benchmarks

Here are some highlights you’ll find in the report:

What’s been important in digital advertising this past year
What marketers feel the most unprepared for


Want a quick overview of the report?

We’re doing a special PPC Newsflash this Thursday, September 19th at 1pm with Hanapin’s President, Jeff Allen, and Director of Services, Carrie Albright. They’ll do an overview of what’s in the report and discuss important insights and trends all marketers need to take special note of.


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