mParticle launches tools to optimize the customer journey

  •   May 12, 2022

mParticle, the customer data platform, has announced the launch of a set of tools under the name Journeys to support the optimization of each step of the customer experience. Journeys aims to combine customer journey analysis, testing and orchestration into a single workflow.

The toolset is also geared to overcome organizational and process-based silos, providing insights across the full customer lifecycle rather than disconnected insights into email engagement, for example, or participation in loyalty programs.

The components of Journeys. At time of launch, Journeys has three components:

  • Journey Analytics, providing multi-path journey analysis and reporting. This is powered by Indicative, the data tracking and visualization platform acquired by mParticle in January.
  • Journey Builder, a visual interface enabling the creation of customer journeys around key milestones and sequences.
  • Journey Integrations, syncing audiences to mParticle’s Audience API partners (including Google, Meta and Salesforce) for activation in real time.

Why we care. mParticle has been primarily known in the CDP space as a solution for collecting, validating and connecting customer data, delivering it to downstream platforms for activation. Journeys signals that mParticle is enriching that customer data by discovering patterns of behavior that can form the basis for optimizing the customer experience.

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