Memorial Day Day Logos From Google, Yahoo & Bing

  •   May 25, 2020

Today is Memorial Day in the United States and the search engines; including Google, Yahoo and Bing have dressed up for the day.

Google has historically done nothing for the day, but last year they went with a grayed out logo and flag theme. They did the same thing this year. Here is what the Google home page looks like today, on Memorial Day.

If you click on the flag or the gray logo, you are taken to a more American and happy theme inside of the Google search results interface. Google takes you to a special search result design, with an American flag banner, for the query [Memorial Day]:

click for full size

Yahoo has a special and simple logo for the day:

I’d love to share the Bing home page, but I do not want to get sued by the copyright holder of the image like I was threatened before. So I am not going to share it, I am sorry.

Wishing you all a good Memorial Day. I won’t be posting stories today, I don’t think.

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