Martech Minute: Thunderhead’s ThunderBay, Piano’s new DMP, Zoom helps China

  •   September 13, 2021

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THE PERFECT JOURNEY (MAYBE): Customer journey orchestration platform Thunderhead has released ThunderBay, a new suite of AI-powered journey-based capabilities. Why we care: Thunderhead’s updated CX tools aim to help marketers better analyze the customer journey at scale and activate the results — the question is whether or not this CX platform and all others promising AI-powered capabilities can deliver a complete and holistic view of the customer, and then act on it in real-time. Source: Thunderhead

WELCOME TO THE PARTY: Piano, a subscription data management and CX solutions provider, announced the launch of Piano Zero, a zero-party and first-party data management platform (DMP) that enables GDPR and CCPA compliance initiatives. Why we care: As privacy regulations continue to expand and consumers increase ad blocker usage, more marketers will be incorporating zero-party and first-party data tools into their ID resolution initiatives. Source:

CORONAVIRUS CHANGE: Video conferencing platform Zoom announced it is lifting meeting time-limits for its Basic (free) users in China, allowing meetings via the platform with more than two participants to go beyond the previous 40-minute limit. The move is part of the company’s response to the coronavirus public health emergency. Why we care: The extended meeting time will help China-based business teams impacted by the coronavirus. Zoom is also releasing information sessions and on-demand resources, and said it is monitoring its servers to ensure “maximum reliability” for users. Source: Zoom