Marriott launches its own media retail network

  •   May 16, 2022

Marriott International is launching a retail media network to give advertisers access to the hotel chain’s guests. Ad buyers will be able to use anonymized data to target customers using the company’s app, websites and, eventually, guestroom TVs.

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These retail media networks are growing in popularity with both advertisers in need of more data and businesses looking for more income. Marriott’s network will get a test run in the U.S. and Canada in the next two weeks. It is working with Yahoo as a tech partner. Yahoo will match anonymized customer data with advertisers’ data. Advertisers will shop for ad inventory using Yahoo’s portal and sales team.

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Walmart is the largest company with a media network that sells ad space and restricted access to their customer data. DoorDash, Kroger Co., Best Buy and CVS Health Corp. are among the other companies also active in the area.

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Why we care. The need for data caused by the end of third-party cookies is spurring innovation. Specialized networks like Marriott’s give marketers access to substantial demographic data to target a particular audience. And, it can do it while protecting consumer privacy.

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