July Updates to Paid Advertising Platforms

  •   April 7, 2021

Microsoft Advertising

What: Released ad customizers

Details: Released ad customizers to improve ad effectiveness. Learn more during our PPC Newsflash >>

Impact: Allows for increased scalability and more targeted messaging. Also connects with Google Import Tool.

Google Ads

What: Audience updates to App campaigns

Details: App campaigns are geared to making it easier to connect with your app-using consumers on Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and more. These new updates help unlock more search inventory on iOS mobile web browsers.

Impact: Expands the reach, and engagement, for App campaigns.


What: HG Insight integration for matched audiences

Details: Released in late June, you can now use HG Insights’ technographics to created targeted LinkedIn audiences.

Impact: Increased engagement, more lead generation, and better audience targeting.


What: Twitter ArtHouse

Details: Twitter combines Creator management, video editing, and live broadcasting offerings into one entity. Twitter ArtHouse connects brands to the creative capital they need for their content. Twitter ArtHouse provides an opportunity to work with Influencers and Creators, as opposed to pushing content from the brand itself.

Impact: Brands may see an increase in performance if their campaigns lack on the creative side, or if they are in a highly-competitive industry and need additional help getting in front of their audience.


What: Launches Branded Content Ads

Details: Instagram released branded content ads, which allow businesses to run ad campaigns from partnered creators to help them reach new audiences in new ways. The brands can utilize partnered influencer posts, and promote them like they would if it was their own.

Impact: It gives the brand more control over ad campaigns from creators. Brands can now control and manage the ad spend, targeting, and other details that impact campaign success. They will also have more insight into how influencer content performs.

We also checked Amazon, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and SnapChat for updates. Check back soon for additional updates.

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