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  •   October 13, 2019

To keep up with the latest content marketing trends, marketers need to know what is being talked about in their industry. Social networks are a very effective channel for sharing information and discussing buzz between professionals in any field, including content marketing.

One of the fastest and most concise ways to share a trend with a big audience is writing a tweet — Twitter 326 million monthly active users, and you can reach your target audience just by using the right hashtags. It is also a great opportunity to discover what content marketers find interesting and what they are discussing right now.

To help you stay up to date and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly, we have decided to spot the top content marketing trends on Twitter. We analyzed the best-performing tweets in English posted within the last three months with the hashtag #ContentMarketing. You will see the results of our research in the infographic below.

Top Twitter Trends in Content Marketing in 2019

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Interesting Observations

Digital Marketing

#DigitalMarketing is the top ranking hashtag used in content marketing related tweets within the last three months — 61% of the analyzed tweets, while #Marketing takes only third place at 39%. We can also see that #OnlineMarketing is the tenth most popular hashtag. This data shows us that content marketing has the strongest association with digital marketing, while traditional offline marketing is giving up ground.

With the Internet growing and developing, users have become more independent and demanding at the same time. Hard-sell advertising doesn’t work anymore — statistics show that 25.2% of US internet users blocked ads on their devices in 2018. One of the best ways to interact with customers on the web is to create high-quality and appealing content for your audience, and this is why digital is so closely connected with content marketing.

The main advantages of digital marketing over offline marketing is the ability it gives you to measure results more effectively, track performance at each step of your campaign, and analyze the customer journey to understand what they like most and how you can improve their experience.

Content Strategy

It is no surprise that strategy, the pillar of content marketing, is the most discussed topic in tweets with #ContentMarketing – 28% of the analyzed tweets. A well-defined content strategy allows you to understand how to create the right content — valuable and relevant — for your audience and distribute it through the channels that are right for them.

72% of content marketers who increased their level of success credit their strategy as a major contributor; this is why this topic is so popular between those who practice content marketing and those who want to start doing it.

A strategic approach to content can increase your website visitors, and there are many additional benefits over traditional marketing; check out our Ultimate Content Strategy Guide for 2019 to discover many of them.

Statistical Data

A content marketing strategy should rely on precise analytics and trustworthy data. This idea is backed up by the popularity of statistical data — 9% of the analyzed tweets talk about statistics, and 15% of the tweets with images show statistical data. In addition, #BigData takes 15th place in our hashtag rating — 11% supporting the importance of data.

Adobe says that the top 3 ways marketers are adding value to data-driven marketing include the use of CRM data, real-time data from analytics, and by integrating analytics across channels. Content marketers consider data analysis a priority — they research and gather statistics to plan their activities and search for optimal solutions to move their business forward.

We live in the era of overproduction — with millions of blog articles being written every week. There is no point in creating content for the sake of content; low-value content means the odds are few will even see it. To catch your audience’s attention, your content must be valuable and helpful; this is why your content and content strategy should be driven by data.


SEO remains one of the hottest topics in content marketing; it is the second most popular hashtag paired with #ContentMarketing — 51%, and the third most popular topic discussed in tweets — 12%.

This data means that SEO remains an integral part of content marketing. Search engines are the most powerful content distribution channel; 34.8% of all website traffic comes from organic search. Search engine optimization and search intent research are essential for any content strategy.

Blogging is the sixth most discussed topic in content marketing related tweets — 6% of the analyzed tweets. This number shows that despite the diversity of content formats, blogging and textual content remain one of the most popular formats in content marketing. And the top priority for making your blog post visible in organic is optimizing it for search engines.

Social Media

Content around social media is frequently shared by Twitter marketers -— #SocialMedia – 36%, #SMM – 35%, and #SocialMediaMarketing – 33%. Also, social media is the second most popular topic discussed in tweets — 13%.

Content marketing is closely connected to social media, as social networks are the perfect place to create a dialogue with your audience and distribute your content. But that is not all. To make your content marketing work and build a unique brand perception, you must align your overall objectives with your social media strategy.

From another perspective, content ideas are the seventh most popular topic — 5%, and this means that content marketers discuss new ideas right in Twitter, which can be a great source to boost your creativity and engage with your audience. If you are short on time but need data-driven insights, get thousands of content ideas using Topic Research.

Visual Content

Visual content is extremely popular in content marketing related tweets – 88% of analyzed tweets, while 12% of tweets are text only; 37% of visual tweets were infographics, and 15% of these showed statistics in images, while video was present in only 3% of them. Also, visual content is the tenth most discussed topic in our tweets.

Consider using visual content, as the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. In the era of fast information consumption, visual content in the form of relevant images and infographics should be part of any content strategy.

Growth Hacking

#GrowthHacking is a good example of a hashtag associated with a brand. This hashtag is widely used by the content marketing community on Twitter — 26% of the analyzed tweets — and provides additional visibility to @GrowthHackers.

This popularity may mean that content marketing is used as one of the approaches to growth hacking. Growth hacking is one of the most effective marketing strategies to quickly grow startup companies and other businesses.

Startups are also interested in content marketing, as it is the eleventh most popular topic in tweets with #ContentMarketing — 3%. Using content marketing, startups and other companies can gain up to 55% more visitors to their sites, and five times more leads, while it costs 62% less than traditional marketing.


E-commerce is the most discussed industry in the analyzed tweets paired with #Content Marketing – 19%, which is followed by industries such as health and travel — 13% each.

The main focus of any e-commerce website is conversions, and this is where content marketing gives you a boost. Studies show that companies that implement content marketing have a higher website conversion rate than those who don’t practice content marketing.

We have already discovered that visual content works better than traditional. While blog posts or e-books may not work best for your website, try implementing video marketing and interactive content in your overall strategy that will attract and educate your audience.


Our study shows that the Internet of Things – 16% (among hashtags), artificial intelligence and augmented reality are becoming real trends in content marketing.

Speaking of IoT, Intel predicts there will be 200 billion connected devices by 2020, which offers great opportunities for content marketing expansion and improving the user experience.

With more devices created and connected, new content types and distribution channels appear. We know that voice searches are increasing by the day, and in some countries, the percentages are already quite high. So, optimizing your content for voice search should be a priority for all. 


Tools are the least discussed topic in our rating — 2%, yet still popular; this means that content marketers pay special attention to finding and using handy tools in their daily routine.

Our content marketers survey shows that content strategists consider strategic planning and data analysis their most challenging tasks. To help content marketers be both analytical and creative, we have developed the SEMrush Content Marketing Platform, which covers all the steps of your content marketing workflow.

Using our Content Platform, you can find plenty of topic ideas, write and optimize your content, manage your editorial plan, measure the impact and analyze your content performance in one place.


We collected all the tweets (more than 150,000) posted within the last three months with the hashtag #ContentMarketing. Only tweets in English were taken into account. For the sake of consistency, we disregarded the word register of hashtags.

For this study, we selected the most popular tweets with 20+ retweets and analyzed them to find the following data:

  • The most popular hashtags used with #ContentMarketing;

  • The most popular topics discussed in these tweets;

  • The use of visual content (presence or absence);

  • The top content marketing influencers on Twitter.

To find the top influencers, we analyzed the accounts that posted the most retweeted organic posts (20+ retweets) with #ContentMarketing and who have the largest number of subscribers. We also took into account the number of publications that were among the top performing tweets.

The Content In the Infographic

Top-15 Hashtags Used with #ContentMarketing

  1. #digitalmarketing – 61%

  2. #seo – 51%

  3. #marketing – 39%

  4. #socialmedia – 36%

  5. #smm – 35%

  6. #socialmediamarketing – 33%

  7. #growthhacking – 28%

  8. #content – 21%

  9. #iot – 16%

  10. #onlinemarketing – 15%

  11. #ecommerce – 15%

  12. #business – 12%

  13. #blogging – 12%

  14. #ai – 12%

  15. #bigdata – 11%

Top 15 Topics Discussed with #ContentMarketing

  1. strategy – 28%

  2. social media – 13%

  3. SEO – 12%

  4. statistics – 9%

  5. blogging – 6%

  6. content ideas – 5%

  7. influencers – 3.5%

  8. monetization methods – 3.5%

  9. leadership ideas – 3%

  10. startups – 3%

  11. visual content – 2%

  12. ecommerce – 2%

  13. trends – 2%

  14. sales – 2%

  15. tools – 2%

The Most Popular Visual Content Used in Tweets

  • Tweets with visuals – 88%

    • 37% – infographics

    • 15% – statistical images

    • 3% – video

  • Tweets with links – 61%

Top 10 Content Marketing Influencers on Twitter

  1. @MikeSchiemer

  2. @JonathanAufray

  3. @IsabellajonesCl

  4. @RebekahRadice

  5. @kimgarst

  6. @jeffbullas

  7. @BenKamauDigital

  8. @jaybaer

  9. @BrennerMichael

  10. @KDHungerford

What do you think about the results of our study? Which hashtags do you use on Twitter and what are your favorite topics to discuss with the marketing community? Share your opinion by leaving a comment!

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