Google’s New Snippet Controls Rolling Out In A Few Days With Changes To Google France

  •   September 12, 2020

Google has given us a heads up that the new snippet controls it announced a few weeks ago will begin rolling out “in a few days” and “be fully live worldwide by next week.” This coincides with the European press publications changes in France, where Google cannot show snippets, which “will be fully live by October 24.”

Here are the tweets announcing this rollout:

Here is where it mentions the French law:

Here is the FAQ on the French bit.

If you missed the announcement from a few weeks ago, here are the new snippet controls:

Here are the new controls:

  • nosnippet
    This is an existing option to specify that you don’t want any textual snippet shown for this page. 
  • max-snippet:[number]
    New! Specify a maximum text-length, in characters, of a snippet for your page.
  • max-video-preview:[number]
    New! Specify a maximum duration in seconds of an animated video preview.
  • max-image-preview:[setting]
    New! Specify a maximum size of image preview to be shown for images on this page, using either “none”, “standard”, or “large”.

You can use this as standalone meta tags or combine them, so you can use something like this:

click for full size

There is also a new data-nosnippet HTML attribute for this that looks like this:

click for full size

We’ve seen samples of Google not showing anything but the URL in search, we assumed it was a bug. But probably it was Google testing this.

Google did send out emails to publishers who would be impacted by this French law.

Anyway, you should see the new snippet controls and French change starting Friday and as it rolls out through next week.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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