Google Web Spam Report: Google Sent 33% Less Manual Actions Last Year

  •   December 19, 2019

Google has released their annual web spam report and I just love comparing the previous year report to this one. Here are some of the highlights from the report, including Google sent 4 million manual actions in 2018, where sent 6 million in 2017.

  • About 4 million manual action messages were related to manual actions resulting from violations of our Webmaster Guidelines, which is about 2% of their notifications.
  • Google sent 186 million messages, of which 96 million were delivered, compared to 45 million messages the previous year.
  • Google received about twice as many spam reports in 2018, 180,000 to be exact (they took action on 64% of them), compared to 90,000 the previous year.
  • Reduced the impact of user generated spam on Google results by more than 80% Google said.
  • Google also reduced link spam and hacked content, in their continued efforts.
  • Google beefed up webmaster/community communication as well.

You can see the full report over here.

Forum discussion at Google+ and Twitter.

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