Google: We Do Core Search Updates 2-4 Times Per Year; Not Several Times Per Year?

  •   January 15, 2020

Danny Sullivan from Google again said that while Google makes changes in search “each day” the broad core algorithm updates only happen two to four times per year. He said on Twitter “we do make small changes each day to search. It’s a continual process of improvement. Our core updates only happen 2-4 times per year.” This is less than several times per year, which was the previous messaging around core updates.

Here are those tweets:

Now this is not new, but 2-4 times per year is less than the several times per year that Danny Sullivan said back in March 2019. Here is where Danny said that:

So far, Google has done these pretty much on a quarterly basis, so like four times per year but maybe Google is going to be doing them less often in 2020?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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