Google: We Can Look Up Internal PageRank But Toolbar PageRank Is Gone

  •   November 24, 2021

Gary Illyes from Google said technically he and his colleagues are able to lookup the PageRank values of a page but there “rarely” is ever a reason to do so he said. He said the toolbar PageRank score, the pretty one, which is 0 through 10, is long gone and has not been calculated by Google in a long time.

I asked Gary if he is able to specifically look up the old toolbar PageRank scores and he said on Twitter “No, that’s not calculated anymore at all. Hasn’t been since like 2014?” Well, the feed was cut off in 2016, but yea.

He did add that the true internal PageRank value of a URL is still there, Google still uses PageRank, amongst other things. He said he can look up that score. He said “pagerank itself, the original, non toolbar version, still exist and we (at least John and i) can look that one up if need be. Rarely ever is though.”

Here are those tweets:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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