Google Updates The Search Quality Raters Guidelines After 10 Months

  •   May 14, 2020

The last time Google updated the search quality raters guidelines was in July 2018. On May 16, 2018 Google pushed out an updated version of the search quality raters guidelines used by humans hired as consultants to review both the live and test Google search results, aimed at giving feedback to Google’s search engineers to make improvements to the Google search algorithms.

Again, this document that you can read this 166 page PDF does not tell you how the search algorithms work exactly but rather how raters are guided to judge Google’s search results. It is an important distinction. This is still an excellent guide on how Google wants their search results to be seen – so it is worth reading.

Here is the one from July 20, 2018 and you can compare it to the one from May 16, 2019. Okay, don’t want to do that? Jennifer Slegg has come back to do that for us in detail over here.

Here are her tweets on it:

George Nguyen from Search Engine Land did his review as well over here.

Also see:

I think the first to spot this was @SEO_Suedwest.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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