Google Top Stories Full Coverage Button

  •   October 29, 2019

I am pretty sure the “full coverage” button for the Top Stories section is new but it is not exactly what was demonstrated at Google I/O a few months ago. Glenn Gabe spotted this yesterday, posted it on Twitter and I can replicate it – where Google shows a larger Top Stories with a big Full Coverage button that takes you into Google News.

Here is a screen shot of the button:

At Google I/O they said this full coverage would show story timelines, podcasts, and so much more – plus the UI is different. You can see those screen shots over here. I did ask Google what is new here and hope to hear back today.

Here are more screen shots from Glenn:

After I click through, I do get “top coverage,” “videos,” and “twitter” results for this topic:

This may lead to a lot more traffic to some Google News sources and maybe to more videos and tweets. Or it may lead to less traffic if you were doing well – it just seems like Google is driving more diversity into these results – unrelated to that diversity update from the other week.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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