Google: The New Link Attributes Are Designed To Help Us Understand Better

  •   October 10, 2019

Google’s Gary Illyes said it again, the reason Google released those new link attributes, the rel sponsored and ugc attributes, is only to help Google understand links on the web better. Gary said you don’t have to use it, if you do, it will help Google.

You do need to at least continue to nofollow sponsored or paid links but you do not need to label them as sponsored, or use the new attributes. You can still use the old nofollow. Of course, Google may decide to ignore nofollowed links on some sites or sections, if they decide to in the future, with the new rules.

Just to be clear, Gary Illyes form Google said this a month ago:

But he said it again while on stage at PubCon:

Since it only helps Google, and does not necessarily benefit you, would you be implementing it?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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