Google Tests Hotel Search Box Without Local Identifier

  •   November 3, 2019

Sergey Alakov posted on Twitter screen shots of Google showing the hotel finder box but without putting in the location of the searcher. So you searched for [hotel] and Google asks you to enter in the location of the hotel you are looking to book and not pre-fill in your current location.

Here are screen shots of this in action from Sergey:

click for full size

click for full size

Clicking on that city box will then add that city for the hotel search filter.

I guess it makes sense to not fill in your current location with the hotel results because most people searching for hotels probably are not looking for hotels where they are currently searching? I live here, I don’t need a hotel here, I need a hotel where I go to speak or moderate an event – or “vacation” at.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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