Google Tests 3.5 Listings In The Top Stories Carousel

  •   July 4, 2020

Google is testing showing 3 and a half stories in the top stories carousel in search. We’ve seen tons of top stories user interfaces over the years and I believe I’ve seen this as well, but I can’t find if I covered it before. So here it is.

Kyle Sutton posted these screen shots on Twitter.

Google testing 3.5 top stories in the search results:

click for full size

The normal 3 card style for top stories:

click for full size

Dr. Pete from Moz added to his tweet “I’ve seen this popping up for a few weeks (the 3-1/2 UI) — I assume it’s in testing. Seems kind of weird to me, but I guess maybe it encourages scrolling. I think side-scrolling is really common on mobile, but then no one does it on desktop, which has to be a PiTA for Google.”

I like the little teaser of more stories to click on to, but that is me..

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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