Google Still Penalizing Sites For Unnatural Links & It Can Hurt Bad

  •   April 24, 2020

I absolutely love when the industry is transparent and Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO said his site was slapped by an unnatural links manual action by Google and the result was that his site no longer ranks for its name or key terms.

A lot of folks in the industry have been saying Google has toned down these manual actions, espesially around links but here is one example of one. Dan shared a screen shot of his manual action that says this is impacting all of his pages and it is because there is a pattern of unnatural artificial, deceptive or manipulative links pointing to the site.

Here is the screen shot:

click for full size

His site does not rank for its name – [dejan seo] right now:

click for full size

Here are Dan’s tweets:

Again – I love the transparency here.

You can go through the Twitter thread to see SEOs digging out all the bad links to his site.

You even have former Googler giving advice around this:

I have not seen any Googler’s respond to this specific manual action, nor do I expect to see a Googler respond.

I highly recommend you look at the Twitter thread just to see what the SEO community is digging up around this, it is pretty fun to read. It shows the SEO community cares and it also shows how SEOs dig into problems.

And yes – clearly Google manual actions for links still exist and still can hurt really badly.

I hope Dan figures it out and recovers soon!

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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