Google Site Speed Video Starring John Mueller & Martin Splitt

  •   October 31, 2019

Google posted another #AskGoogleWebmasters video, this one on site speed and this one is different. It is (1) much longer than the average #AskGoogleWebmasters video and (2) it has both John Mueller and Martin Splitt from Google in the video.

The truth is, this video does not have anything “new” that we have not covered here. But it was done very well and can be a great refresher on how Google sees site speed. Why you should not obsess about being crazy insane fast but that you should build a site that loads very fast for your users, not just for Google. Why? Because Google uses real Chrome data, like we covered before.

Here is the video:

I mean, that thumbnail for the YouTube video is insane!

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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