Google SEO Myth Busting Video On Web Performance

  •   October 25, 2019

Google’s next SEO mythbusting video is on the topic of web performance. The video is with Google’s Martin Splitt and Samsung’s Ada Rose Cannon. They talk about web performance and usability topics around mobile, rankings and much more.

Here is what is covered:

  • The mobile web & the web on low-end devices (1:21)
  • Performance metrics as a ranking factor for search results (2:17)
  • How does Google communicate up-to-date SEO metrics to SEOs/SEO companies/web developers? (3:31)
  • JavaScript sites – ranking, indexing, and performance (5:09)
  • Is it more SEO-friendly to rely on modern, semantic HTML and CSS rather than JavaScript? (7:20)

Here is the video embed:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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