Google Search Showing Orgies For Things To Do In Dallas

  •   September 6, 2019

Joe Youngblood shared a screen shot of Google showing orgy parties as an option for a query on [what to do in dallas tonight?] This worked yesterday and I am not sure I blame Google for showing it, it was a data feed from EventBright, and someone placed the spam in EventBright, which made its way up to Google.

Here is Joe’s image and details:

When I was made aware of it hours later, the EventBright page was pulled offline already for violation of policy. But Google was still showing that as an event to go to. In fact, you were able to click on it on Google and it would show you who to contact, email and phone number for the event. Eventually, Google picked up that the event was removed and Google removed the event from the search results as well.

It is always interesting to me to see how people go about spamming Google. I am not sure if this individual wanted to spam Google or just EventBright, but in either case, this might start getting abused more now that this has been exposed.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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