Google Search Console Performance Report AMP Stories & Q&A Rich Results Search Appearance Filter

  •   July 31, 2020

The same day Google launched the new Discover performance report in Google Search Console, Google announced they also now let you see your AMP Stories traffic. I have not seen any examples of AMP Stories showing up in these reports, so I cannot share any real screen shots but Google did announce it on Twitter.

Here is the tweet:

Google also seems to have added Q&A rich results as a filter too, which I do not have either.

I went ahead and mocked up what the search appearance filter in the performance report might look like but again, this is a mock up – I do not have any sites that do AMP Stories in my Google Search Console account:

If you have any screen shots to share, I’d love to see it. Post the image in the comments or send it to me @rustybrick.

The help document does mention it, it says under the search appearance filters “AMP stories – a visual storytelling format built on AMP that enables a user to tap through full screen images and videos.” The cached version from April 2nd does not mention AMP Stories specifically.

Also in that cached page is no mention of “Q&A rich results” but in the new updated page it has it listed as a filter “Q&A rich results – A Q&A page rich result.” More on Q&A schema is over there.

So you got not just Android apps but also AMP Stories and Q&A rich results as new filters this week in the Google Search Console performance report and a brand new Discover performance report – yay!

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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