Google Search Console Enhancement Reports Data Change

  •   April 20, 2020

Google posted on the data anomalies page for the Search Console tool that “for most enhancement reports, data is now being collected from more pages than previously reported. Because of this, you might see an increase in issues and affected items/pages on these reports.”

Starting on around April 3rd, today, but the reports are currently showing data from April 1st – so you might see it in a couple days. You might see more activity and issues being reported within these search enhancement reports. These enhancement reports include reports such as the AMP report, mobile usability, products, jobs, etc.

Google did not say specifically which of those enhancement reports will be impacted but they did say “most.”

I asked John Mueller of Google for more details on Twitter and when I hear back, I’ll update this story.

In short, if you see a spike in issues being reported in the enhancement reports in Search Console – it is probably to be expected.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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