Google Search Console Adds Auto-DNS Verification With Some DNS Providers

  •   May 19, 2020

Google announced it has added Auto-DNS verification with various domain name registrars to automate part of the verification flow. This is similar to what they did with GoDaddy and Google Domains, as well as similar to Bing’s announcement with Domain Connect from the other week.

Basically, Google Search Console wants to make it easier to verify your domain names with the tool and they are using a workflow method with the DNS provider to make this process smoother. The flow will guide you through the necessary steps needed to update your registrar configuration so that your DNS record includes the verification token that Google will provide.

To verify your domain using the new flow, click ‘add property’ from the property selector (drop down on top of Search Console sidebar). Then, choose the ‘Domain’ option. The system will guide you through a series of steps, including a visit to the registrar site where you need to apply changes.

There are multiple ways to verify your site with Google Search Console, here is just one more way. Note, you can then go to Bing and import this list into Bing Webmaster Tools from Google Search Console.

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