Google Search Adds 3D Objects With AR Support

  •   February 24, 2020

Google demonstrated at I/O yesterday a search feature where you can bring up 3D objects and then place them in your location using AR, augmented reality. I am not too sure about this feature sticking but hey – it is pretty cool to demo on stage – don’t you think?

For some content, you can add 3D objects – right now, I think it is a limited set of partners Google is working with for this content. Google then can show a “view in 3D” button:

When you click it, it brings up the 3D object so you can spin it around on your phone:

Then you can click “View in your space” and place it anywhere you want using AR on your phone:

This is obviously cool for furniture, clothing, paint, etc:

Here are some tweets from Google with this in action:

Here is the presentation:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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