Google Rolling Out June 2019 Core Search Ranking Update Tomorrow

  •   August 5, 2020

Google, in a rare move, pre-announced that they are going to be rolling out a core update tomorrow. They are calling this Google search algorithm ranking update the June 2019 Core Update and sometime tomorrow, Google will be rolling this update out.

Here is what Google posted at 4pm EDT on Sunday:

Danny Sullivan of Google said this specific update isn’t particularly big or special, he said it is “Nothing special or particular “big.”” It is just one of their regular core updates. The only reason they pre-announced it was to be nice.

Danny wrote “We just wanted to be more proactive. Rather than people scratching their heads after-the-fact and asking “hmm?,” we thought it would be good to just let folks know before it rolled out.”

So nope – not particularly big.

It will go live sometime tomorrow – Google will update us around the time it starts to go live:

Why pre-announce it? Again, to be nice and not have us scratching our heads and asking what is going on:

This update is unrelated to the issues Google is having with Gmail, their cloud services and other services on Sunday:

Plus, this issue is unrelated to the indexing issues from previous weeks:

We did see signs mid-last week of a possible Google update coming. It is hard to say if this is related to that, like if Google was testing this last week. Google would deny it and we have no way of really knowing.

We will of course keep track of what the community is saying about this update. The previous core update was in March, we spotted it before Google confirmed it on March 13th.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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