Google Redirects Some Quality Raters Guidelines To New URL

  •   February 20, 2020

Yesterday we reported that the Google quality raters guidelines URL was not returning the PDF document, it was 404ing. Well, Google said it moved and as of this morning, some of the URLs hosting that PDF have been redirected to the new destination.

Yes, I mean some. So for example, this URL does redirect: to this URL

It is a 302 redirect, here is a visual of the redirect in place:

But not all of the URLs that host this PDF redirect, a lot of the country specific versions do not.

For example, if I search for the PDF in Google Search the first result is the one hosted in Germany, so instead of a /en// it is /de// and that version, as well as many of the other country specific versions, have not been redirected – yet. Those still return a 404 response with no PDF.

I guess they will redirect eventually?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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