Google: Optimizing For RankBrain Is The Same As Optimizing For Users

  •   August 4, 2020

Google RankBrain

RankBrian launched in 2015 and is a way for Google to understand user queries better. Google has said you cannot optimize for it but you can work on making your site better. Gary Illyes from Google said basically making your content for users is accomplishing the same thing as making your content for RankBrain.

Gary Illyes said on Twitter “you optimize your content for users and thus for RankBrain.” “That hasn’t changed,” he added.

Back in 2016, a prominent Googler said Google doesn’t fully understand RankBrain and another Googler said it is part of the top three ranking factors, which really didn’t make much sense.

In any event, it sounds like if you work on making great content, you will at the same time, do a great job making RankBrain work for you.

Simple, right?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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