Google Not Indexing New Content Again? Testing…

  •   April 15, 2020

Google may not be indexing new content once again. This post will act as a test to see if Google is able to index this story in a timely fashion. It seems the last time Google has indexed a new piece of content on the NY Times or Wall Street Journal was over an hour ago, and these sites publish content all the time.

Here are screen shots of Google News sorted by most recent for these two publications (click to enlarge the images):

click for full size

click for full size

Earlier this month, Google was unable to index new content for 24 hours or so – it was resolved the next morning. This happened again in April and also a de-indexing issue prior to that. Google did issue an explanation on April 13th about these issues but it seems we might be having another issue with indexing again.

Are you noticing indexing issues? Hopefully this is nothing – we will find out shortly after I post this at 3:20pm EDT.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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