Google: No Changes With Search Algorithm Or Infrastructure

  •   April 11, 2020

Last Friday I reported about a potential Google search ranking updates and then SEJ reported that I was wrong and it was an infrastructure update. Well, we both were wrong according to Google – Google said there were no recent changes around algorithm changes or infrastructure changes.

Google told me yesterday there was no core ranking update and no infrastructure updates recently. Of course, Google said other things change all the time but said nothing major changes recently.

Google also told us that the new GoogleBot has been around for the past few months and thus any changes you may have seen related to rankings or infrastructure are not related to the new GoogleBot. Oh and those indexing bugs are also unrelated they said.

So I was wrong – happens – but hey – I am glad I got Google to say anything about this. It helps.

But what were those blips people were talking about? Hard to say, maybe it was specific to a smaller update that Google doesn’t want to talk about?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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