Google My Business New Spam Form Response Time A Couple Weeks

  •   November 4, 2019

Last month we reported Google launched a new form to report Google My Business/Google Maps spam. After a few weeks in, local SEOs are reporting how fast you can see action after a spam report is submitted.

It seems it currently ranges from 1.5 weeks to a bit over 2 weeks right now.

A couple Local Search Forum threads have the local SEOs reporting back on when they saw a change after submitting the spam report. Here are some quotes:

All of mine have worked. It takes about 1.5 weeks.

Same, all of mine have worked as well. I include a ton of proof in my escalations though.

Also, I am experiencing the same time period.

Looking like the turn around is about 12 business days so far… anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Have you tried it?

Forum discussion at Local Search Forum.

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