Google Moving Right Side Featured Snippet To Top Position

  •   June 11, 2021

Google should be moving, if they didn’t do it already, any right side of the Google search results page feature snippets from that position to the top position. Until this change happens, Google will be removing the deduplication of the right side featured snippets in the main search results snippet. This should have happened by now, but might still be rolling out – as I still see the deduplication happening for right side featured snippets. This comes to remove confusion around the deduplication change of featured snippet URLs in the search results.

We covered this in our original coverage but the rollout should be happening now and the right side featured snippets should begin going away today.

Here is where Google said this:

The issue with this is that Search Console is reporting these in position 11, so it is freaking some folks out to see their rankings drop from a normal snippet of maybe 1, 2 or 3 and to 11 because of this change. Google is going to move it to position one, so it won’t be a problem when this fully rolls out but if you look at your Search Console data, you might get worried.

Glenn Gabe posted an example on Twitter saying “Great ex of what’s happening in GSC for right-side featured snippets now that it only shows up on the right side in position 11+. The core organic position ranged from 1-3 before the change. Now it’s only in position 11 on the right.”

click for full size

There were complaints about this in last week’s Friday hangout with John Mueller of Google as well, here is that video embed:

In any event, this should fix itself soon when it is moved over.

Danny Sullivan from Google said the right side featured snippet will be moved to the top position really really soon:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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