Google Moon Landing Logo For 50th Anniversary

  •   January 19, 2020

Google Moon Landing Logo For 50th Anniversary

Today on Google’s home page is a special Doodle, Google logo, for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. When you click on the Doodle it plays a video of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission with Michael Collins, one of the astronauts on Apollo 11 giving the narration of what happened.

Here is that video – it is really something special to watch and listen to:

Google redid this all into a cartoon with Google’s logo embedded throughout of it…

Google wrote this up over here and said at the end “Space exploration continues to this day, with milestones such as the International Space Station and plans for a mission to Mars. Most recently, NASA’s Artemis program – named for Apollo’s sister in Greek mythology – aims to bring the first woman to the moon.”

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