Google Mocks SEO Strategy To Update Stories With “2020” Titles & Headlines

  •   January 6, 2020

Google 2020

I see a lot of SEOs over the years push out new stories, repurposed, with a new headline for the new year. So this year you’d see articles on “how to optimize for Google BERT in 2020” whereas last year it would be “how to optimize for Google BERT in 2019.” You get the point(s) from my sample. Well, John Mueller from Google mocked that strategy on Reddit.

He said in response to the post that you should do this to get a “nice SEO boost.” John said to this “Top ways to recognize low-quality content in 2020.”

Yep, he said that “Top ways to recognize low-quality content in 2020.”

John addressed this topic in 2018 as well, then he said “as a user, recognizing that old content is just being relabeled as new completely kills any authority that I thought the author / site had.” “Good content is not lazy content,” he added. “SEO hacks don’t make a site great. Give your content and users the respect they deserve,” he said.

I know, most of you are going to say – well, it works.

Forum discussion at Reddit.

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