Google Local/Maps With “In Between” Links To Other Businesses

  •   January 9, 2020

Google Maps and Local can show in a business listing profile the address but near the address it sometimes shows other businesses nearby. Well, now it can also show where that business is sandwiched in between other businesses.

Colan Nielsen posted on Twitter an example of a business listing in Google Maps showing how a massage therapy place is between two different other businesses. And those business profiles get links so that someone can click on them and see those listings.

Here is his screen shot:

Google Local/Maps In Between

Now, this seems to me to be designed to help someone find the place and not for competitive reasons. Colan said on Twitter “”In between” optimization is where it’s at in 2020. “Near me” optimization is so 2019.” It is not like here Google is showing your competitors in your listing for your branded search.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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