Google: It Is Okay To Redirect Lower Quality Content Pages To Better Pages

  •   August 20, 2021

Google’s John Mueller said in a video hangout the other day at the 50 minute mark that redirecting a low quality page to a higher quality page won’t hurt the higher quality page. Google will evaluate the content on the final page, the ultimate page, and not evaluate the content from the redirected page.

It is a short blurb in the video, so here it is when he starts talking about it:

Here is how Glenn summed it up:

Here is the transcript:

If a story has been redirected because it was thin content and many years old, do the negative effects of the article kind of get forwarded on with the redirection?

No, not necessarily.

So especially when it comes to content we look at the content that we find on the ultimate page that we land on. So if you’ve removed content, if you’ve cleaned something up, and I guess that happens automatically. If you redirect that page and the old content is no longer there and we only have the new content then that’s perfectly fine. So that wouldn’t be anything that would kind of be carried on.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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