Google Hotel Reviews Asks For More Details; Is TrustYou In Trouble?

  •   July 31, 2019

Currently, when you view hotel reviews in Google, you get Google reviews but you also get this neat filters to show you if you’d like the hotel based on the type of trip you are going on (i.e. pleasure, family, business, etc). This data is provided by TrustYou. But Google is now asking searchers those specific questions directly, which may imply Google is looking to drop TrustYou as a data provider. Just like they did with all the other local reviews over time.

Here is an image showing the data for these hotel reviews, in this format, come from TrustYou:

Tim Capper posted screen shots on Twitter of him being asked questions by Google that would fill in these answers without having to license the data from TrustYou. Tim said “Users being asked to segment their hotel reviews by the nature of the trip and additional reviews by rooms, service and location. Could they be looking to dump TrustYou as a 3rd party provider …. I do hope so.”

Here are those screen shots:

It makes sense and I doubt this would surprise anyone in the local space or even TrustYou.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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