Google Fixing Another Indexing Bug With Google News

  •   October 15, 2019

Google said yesterday on Twitter they are aware of an indexing bug impacting a limited number of publishers and they are working to fix it. It seems like the fix has been rolling out, although Google has yet to confirm this issue has been resolved yet.

Here is Google’s tweet about the issue:

Ben Kendrick who has been following this closely and who has a site that was impacted by this said he believes the fix is out:

I received some screen shots of the impact of this bug on one publisher. Here is how it looked like in the Google News search results:

click for full size

Here is how the traffic was impacted by this bug:

click for full size

Yes, this comes shortly after Google fixed a much larger Google search indexing bug that is still impacting Google Search Console. This also comes several months after another Google News indexing issue.

Here is Gary Illyes from Google throwing up his hands:

Google seems to be full of bugs over the past month or so?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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